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Outdoor Family Leisure

We are located in Orange County, California

Orange County is a great location for this type of business because we have year round summer fun. We get to try out a lot of great family leisure products for the backyard.  Then we create some of the best reviews for the products you are looking for on Parks and Pandas.  Kids play area products are at the top of our priority list.  Thank you for looking!

Best Kids Play Area Links

Below are some of our customer’s favorite outdoor family leisure fun pages. The best summer fun sandboxes for kids link has over 20 sandbox reviews.  Fun swing sets and playhouse video reviews are fun to watch and include valuable information on the most popular kids play area products. Looking for something else?  Please let us know in the email links above.

About Summer Fun Parks and Pandas

If you are looking for great reviews on the best products for the backyard or outdoor location you have come to the right place.  We hope to offer spectacular in depth reviews on items such as pools, swing sets, playhouses, water tables, sandboxes, outdoor toys, and family leisure items.  One of our main focuses is on creating a really fun kids play area.  For more information click here.  

Some Of Our Favorite Kids Play Area Companies

LIttle Tikes Swing SetBelow is a list of the most respected outdoor family leisure product companies.  Our list is small for now, but we will be adding more as more products are tested out.  We want to make sure to only list the most credible and trustworthy companies.