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Updated July 7, 2020 by Jessica Mark
Welcome to Parks and Pandas.  We create highly informative complete outdoor product reviews to make your shopping easier.  On our site you can see all of the best backyard products for your small or big backyard.  With these products there are so many awesome backyard creations that can be designed.  In addition to shopping we have several blogs on how to create some free backyard fun.  Lastly we have dedicated a lot of pages to help you create the best play area for kids.  Some of the most popular products are listed after our about section below.

About Our Complete Outdoor Craze

Jessica Mark's Backyard Creations Hi, I’m Jessica Mark, and I know how hard it is to find a great selection of high quality items for your small or big backyard.  Therefore I’m designing this site in mind to create the largest and most in-depth selection of outdoor family leisure products.  Whether it’s a toddler in need of a water table for some water fun or teens looking for a convertible pool and tennis table we have it all.

Creating the Perfect Play Area For Kids

As a mother of four amazing kids I know how important it is to get them to have fun in the wonderful outdoors!  A lot of experience from my reviews has been with hands on experience trying some of the products (or my kids trying some of the products).  Therefore I hope to give some valuable insight to these products.  We also read the reviews of several other people before giving advice with pros and cons of a product.  We hope that you feel some joy when reading our blogs.   I added a helpful freebie below for the summer.

Popular Products For Backyard Creations

Below are a few of our most popular blogs including best pools, best pool toys, best swing sets and best outdoor toddler toys in 2020.  These pages help find backyard products to create the best play area for kids

Pool Time Backyard CreationsIn this blog you will find the best inflatable pools, the best pool floats, the best pool toys and the best inflatable water slides.  The reviews for each pool product include pros and cons as well as helpful product information for awesome backyard creations.  

Swing Sets Backyard CreationsVisit this blog to view a swing set comparison chart of some of the best swing sets in 2020.  They are compared by size, best features and price.  The Lifetime Adventure Tower Playset is highly rated now and offers a large tower with several rock climbing surfaces.  Any of these swing sets are great for creating that perfect play area for kids.  Whether you have a small or big backyard there are swing sets of all sizes.

Complete Outdoor SandboxView 23 of the best sandbox and water toys to build an awesome play area for kids.  The best sandboxes, sand tables, sand and water tables, and water tables are highly reviewed in this blog.  Find the most popular and new backyard products for toddlers and young kids here.  We also have several other pages dedicated to these types of products that have even more extensive lists of these products.

19 Best Swimming Pool Games In 2020

Pool Games

Please sign up for our newsletter with the link below and we will send over an easy printable (with no fluff) PDF of the 19 Best Pool Games For 2020 Guide promptly. It has more games than on our blog, including games that do not cost anything to start.  After the first email we generally send bi-weekly emails of all of the new outdoor family leisure products for awesome backyard creations or for a play area for kids.

Help Us and Help Others

If you are looking for a particular product please let us know at  We love to hear feedback.  After all this website is here to service you.  Any feedback may help us better serve other families that are looking for the special or perfect product for their backyards.  We thank you for your support!

Frequently Asked Parks and Pandas Questions

 1.  If I have a question or concern about a product who do I contact?

Answer:  Please visit the product page of where it came from and use the contact on that page.  Occasionally we can answer a question about a backyard product.  If you want to try and see if we have an answer you can contact

2.  What are the best backyard toys for toddlers?

Answer:   The most popular toys for toddlers for summer 2020 are sandboxes, water tables, pools, swings and slides.  We should have all these things on our website soon.

3.  What are the best backyard toys for older kids?

Answer:  It depends on how old they are. For middle aged kids (4-11) the popular toys are water slides, pool toys, pools, swing sets, trampolines and tree swings.  Older kids (tweens and teens) like the pool, trampolines, pool tables, ping pong tables, and play various yard games (which we will have a great guide up soon on this).  When they get older they tend to want to stay inside more and play video games or watch TV so it’s important to try and get them excited about getting outside.

4.  Do you have any information on how to build swing sets?

Answer:  Each purchase from a third party website should have detailed information on how to set up your swing set.  If you have any questions I would suggest contacting the contact on the purchase page or on their product page.

5.  Where are you located?

Answer:  We are located in Orange County, California (Southern California)

6.  If one of the links on the website is not working, who do I contact?

Answer:  Thank you for letting us know.  Please send a message to and we will update it promptly.

7.  Why should I use your website?  Couldn’t I just go on other websites and purchase products directly?

Answer: Of course you can go to any other website that has great backyard products, but we try to give you the same information in a visually appealing layout and offer our professional experience and opinions as well as opinions of several other people who have tried the same products.  Our value is offering more information about great backyard products so that purchasing them becomes easier and more trustworthy.

8.  Is there an easier way to find products on your website?

Answer:  You can use the search bar at the top of the page.

9.  Why is there a panda in your logo?

Answer:  Kids generally love animals and pandas are one of my favorites.  Thank you for asking!

If you have any other questions or concerns please contact Thank you!