What’s Best For Pool Time In 2020

Swimming Pool Time
Updated July 15, 2020 by Jessica Mark

Pool TimeYes it’s almost summer so it’s time to go to the pool or get one for your backyard.  Whether you are looking for the perfect kid’s pool, mini pool, or family sized pool, this blog has it all.  Not only did we list the most popular pool fun items below, but also they have all been divided into the following: 

Disclaimer:  This blog contains affiliate links, meaning I recommend products I’ve used or know well and may receive a small commission if you purchase them too (at no additional cost to you).  Furthermore as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Best Inflatable Kid's Pools

#1 Sable Inflatable Rectangle Kid's Pool

Large Family Pool TimeAbsolutely, this is the best inflatable rectangle above ground pool.  First this large family pool is great because it holds up to  2 adults and 4 kids.  In addition it’s larger then the traditional round swimming pool so little kids can even swim around with tons of space.  Secondly it can be used indoors  for more fun as a huge ball pit!  Lastly little kids can have more fun with snorkels and looking for little toys in this rectangle pool.


  • Large 118″ by 72″ by 20″ size
  • More durable due to it’s thicker lining
  • Can be pumped with air in a few minutes
  • Has 3 compartments of air for safety
  • Has a drain pipe for ease of use in getting the water out
  • Highly reviewed on Amazon
  • Can fit a ring float and other pool toys


  • Needs an electric pump
  • Can’t move without draining it because it’s too big and heavy when filled with water.
  • Slow to drain

Best Pool Accessories For Large Inflatable Kid's Pools:

#2 Jasonwell Circle Inflatable Kid's Pool

Mini PoolThis shallow inflatable kid’s pool is great for young kids, toddlers and babies.  First it has a fun sprinkler edge as seen in the photo.  Secondly this mini pool is a nice size at 60 inches across, but is small enough to easily put away for the next backyard or front yard play time.  Lastly it’s safer for younger kids due to the water level being so low, while allowing them to still have fun splashing outside.


  • Fun mini pool for younger kids and babies
  • Low cost
  • Educational with letters, numbers, and animals
  • Holds water in the rim even when the water hose is turned off
  • Easy to use and easy to deflate to put away
  • Takes up little space when deflated


  • Can drench the surrounding areas if you forget to turn the water hose off
  •  Be careful, in very few of the cases the hose attachment leaks  (Currently free returns on our links)

Best Pool Accessories For Kiddie Mini Pools:

Best Pool Time Floats

#1 Unicorn Pool Time Float

Unicorn Pool FloatThis trendy unicorn float is super cute and adorable.  In addition it is currently highly rated and is great for kids aged 1-6 years.  This fun unicorn float is also great for toddlers because it has great support for the legs with the leg cutouts.  Lastly, the pull cord works really well for parents to pull their little ones a little faster in the swimming pool.


  • Nice larger size allows for kids of several ages to use it
  • Looks great
  • Comfortable
  • Great compact size for travel
  •  Currently highly reviewed


  • Two week wait for ordering
  • Very few reviews mention there being a hole.  So check to make sure it works before going on vacation!  Free returns on the links provided.

#2 Inflatable Whale Pool Time Ride On

Whale Float

Not only is this pool float a fun shape, but also it’s a nice large size and furthermore it’s suitable for kids aged 3+ according to Intex.  In addition this whale has two heavy duty handles for holding on tight. 


  • Highly rated
  • Nice large size of 76 by 47 inches
  • Repair patch included
  • Durable handles
  • Can also hold a lot of weight (possibly at least 200 pounds)


  •  Gets hot in the sun after being in the pool for awhile because it’s mostly black so try to keep it under some pool shade when not in use.
  • There is a very large warning label on one side of it.
  • Take a long time to blow up if you don’t have an electric pump.

#3 Inflatable Pool Time Shark Ride On

Pool SharkFirst and foremost this shark ride on toy is highly rated and suitable for ages 3+.  Secondly it is very durable and can hold a decent amount of weight.  Thirdly from reading the description it looks like it can hold around 150-200 pounds.  In addition to the weight threshold, the heavy duty handles make it easier for kids to hold on.  


  • Nice large size of 69 by 42 inches when deflated
  • Currently great reviews
  • Fun for kids and adults
  • Includes a repair patch
  • Holds air for a decent amount of time


  • Has large noticeable warning labels on one side
  • May take an electric pump to air up
  • May take some effort to stay riding on it

#4 Huge Shark Pool Time Float

Giant Shark FloatThis giant shark float is about 4 feet long.  Moreover it works great for the pool or for a vacation by the lake.  In addition to it’s great size, it currently is highly rated in sturdiness and durability.  It is especially great because it’s designed higher on one side in order to be more comfortable to sit in it.  Last but not least it’s a nice float because it’s easier to stay on more than the traditional shark floaties.


  • Great large size suitable for kids or adults
  • Made with premium UV resistant material
  • Inflates and deflates fairly quickly


  • Takes a long time to blow up with air unless you use an electric pump
  • Few tend to have an air leak, but currently there are free returns.  I see this complaint on most pool float items.

#5 Entertaining Baby Pool Time Float

Baby Pool Time FloatThis baby pool float has more going on than most baby pool floats.  First, it has a great sun canopy to partially shield baby from the sun.  Secondly, it has cut fun little toys for baby to play with.  Thirdly, it has a large area for playing.  Lastly it’s super awesome because it comes with a nice carrying case for travel.  Also, it’s recommended age is 9-24 months.


  • Super adorable
  • Safer due to the sun canopy pool shade
  • Convenient for travel
  • Has several great added toys for baby to play with


  • Babies need to be under full supervision as always.  Be careful that not too much water gets on top of it or it may not float properly.
  • Weight limit is 30 pounds, but it may not be suitable for babies just learning to crawl who may try to crawl right out of it.

#6 Best Foam Pool Float

Foam Pool Time FloatThis currently very highly rated foam pool float is definitely very comfortable.  It is especially great because it comes with an air pillow for head support and can be easily rolled up for travel.   In addition, this pool float can also be used as a beach mat or yoga mat due to it being made mostly out of foam.  It should be noted that the recommended age for use is 15+ and it holds up to 250 pounds.  I don’t know about you, but I want to get to the pool and use this pool lounge float ASAP!


  • Super comfortable foam pool float
  • Currently many high reviews
  • Easy to roll up for travel
  • Inexpensive


  • Just a few were being reported with poor quality, but there are currently free returns on our links.
  • If weighing closer to 200 pounds your bum might sink down a little bit


Best Pool Time Toys

#1 Diving Pool Toys

There are so many good diving pool toys out there so I listed a few of my favorites below. Absolutely, they are all at very good prices and currently have great reviews.

#2 Bulk Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are so much fun!  First, you can use them in an obstacle course, swim across the pool with one, or knock people off their pool floats (when playing a game).  Secondly, whether it’s bulk noodles for a party or for a few pool noodles at home below I have found are the best options.  In addition they currently have great reviews too.  Happy pool time!

#3 Pool Time Toys For Toddlers

Below is a great collection of all of the most popular and currently highly rated (from our links) pool toys for toddlers.  Definitely, my best guess is my 19 month old would love these, and some would work great for any mini pool.  Especially the purple octopus because my daughter has it and has enjoyed it for a long time.

Best Inflatable Water Slides

#1 L.O.L. Surprise Inflatable River Race Water Slide with Blower

LOL Water SlideBe the star of the show with this popular water slide!  It features a double slide so two kids can race each other to get to the bottom.  In the center it has a splash pool and climbing wall.  There’s a little surprise up at the top when the bucket pours out water on an unsuspecting kid.  It’s recommended for kids aged 3-10, although kids as young as 2 have enjoyed it a lot too.

Tip:  Use a tarp under it to be able to move it easier and to protect it from the ground.


  • Fun pretty design
  • Includes repair patches
  • Can play on it dry also
  • Several kids can play at once
  • Can keep your kids busy for hours
  • Great large size with high weight limit of 350 pounds
  • Currently many high reviews


  • Make sure to dry it out before taking down and store in a dry place to avoid mildew
  • Some are reporting the seams are coming a bit apart after using it a lot (on another colored model), while some say it lasted for years

#2 Bountech Inflatable Bounce House and Water Slide Combo

Inflatable Water Slide and BouncerDouble the fun with this water slide and bouncer.  This currently has perfect reviews.  It has a splash pool, water blaster, water slide, climbing wall, basketball rim, and bounce house.  This combo is perfect for ages 3-10 and about 5 kids can play at the same time.  The size is 9 feet width, 10.5 feet length and 7 feet tall.  It comes with an easy storage bag.  Summertime is almost here!

Tip:  Use a tarp under it to be able to move it easier and to protect it from the ground.


  • Multiple ways to have fun
  • Very durable material.  If you click on the link above it currently goes into detail on it
  • Great price for what you get
  • Currently highly rated
  • Easy to inflate and deflate


  • Make sure to dry it out before taking down and store in a dry place to avoid mildew
  • Nothing else reported so far