Best Sand and Water Table Guide In 2020

Sand and Water Table
Updated July 14, 2020 by Jessica Mark

Dinosaur Sand and Water TableBelow are the best currently rated sand and water tables.  Most have fun features such as water slides, sand toys, and interesting sand covers. The main cons for all of them is that the sand and water tend to mix somewhat when little ones are playing and most pieces are movable such as large slides or towers.  To avoid the sand and water mixing together you could alternate between using it as a water table or sand table only.  Sometimes the whole fun of it is mixing the sand and water together.  In addition to the links below, I will be adding to this list regularly.  Stay on top of news and sign up with our email. The quick list to view them is below.

Disclaimer:  This blog contains affiliate links, meaning I recommend products I’ve used or know well and may receive a small commission if you purchase them too (at no additional cost to you).  Furthermore as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Step 2 Sand and Water Table - Splash N Scoop Bay

Step 2 Splash Sand Water TableThis fun table features a water tower with slide, drain plug, lid that covers half of the table, and a scooper.  The table part is about 16.5 inches tall and it can hold 15 pounds of sand.  It is long lasting and customer service seems to be good if you need a replacement.  There is a hole in the middle so you can add an umbrella, but it does not come with one.  Lastly it should be noted that other fun items can be added into this table besides sand or water such as sensory water beads or toys.  

Step 2 Water and Sand Table - Cascading Cove

Step 2 Cascading CoveThe first feature is that it’s a nice large size at 24 by 42.5 by 23 inches.  Secondly many accessories are included: boats, shovel, pail, and two small bridge pieces.  Third, the nice umbrella is great because it provides some protection from the sun.  Fourth, it includes a nice large cover and the water area has a plug.  In addition the recommended age is 18 months to 5 years.  For this reason it works great inside during cold weather by using sensory items (A lot of people have tried using rice).

Step 2 Sand and Water Table - Dino Dig

Dinosaur Toy For ToddlersFour dinosaurs, two cups and a half shovel half rake are included in this fun dinosaur themed table.  In addition, it includes a plug to drain the water out and a cover for the sand side which doubles as a mountain for the dinosaurs to play in.  Also, a fun thing to do for toddlers is hide small dinosaurs or toys in the sand and have them dig them out.  Lastly it’s recommended age for this table is 2-5 years old.

Step 2 Water and Sand Table - Fiesta Cruise

Boat TableThis cruise ship is docked and ready for fun!  Additionally, it has a bunch of accessories including a spiral water slide, slide, flipper, boat, two people, and a few more.  Also, the fun nautical style umbrella is great for a little protection from the sun.  It should be noted that it can hold up to 40 pounds of sand and the sand side has a creative cover on it.  In addition to this it has a plug on both sides so if you were to use it as a water table only you could do that.  Lastly, it’s recommended for ages 2-6 years.

Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon Sand and Water Table

Step 2 Sand and Water TableOne of the best features of this table is that the colors are different and fun.  The teal, lime green, and purple go together well.  Additionally there are so many fun things to do on this sand water table as well like putting the two characters into the two inner tubes and race or having them race down the water slides.  Also, a shovel and cup are included and a cover that is for the sand side.  Lastly, it can hold up to 50 pounds of sand, and it should be noted that there is a drain on the water side only.

SOWOW Water and Sand Table

Inexpensive Sensory TableAlthough the size of this table is quite small, it’s great size for a toddler to sit next to and use.  What’s nice is that it’s inexpensive, easy to move, and easy to clean because it is so small.  Additionally this table comes with 15 accessories including a spinner, pyramid, shovel, rake, scooper, starfish, and more.  Lastly, it’s a good size for starting some sensory play indoors  for a toddler.

Water and Sand Table Toys

All the below are all currently highly rated and I’ve divided them up by their current pricing. Anything like water guns and squirters would pair great with these tables because they can use the water from the water table to encourage more play time. 

Low Range $0-$15.99

Middle Range $16-$29.99

Higher Range $30-49.99