Best Sandbox Guide For 2020

Updated July 16, 2020 by Jessica Mark

This blog has some of the highest rated sandboxes listed with the pros and cons for each.  Below are links that will take you to the best recommended age for these sandboxes.   A sandbox comparison chart is also included below.

Disclaimer:  This blog contains affiliate links, meaning I recommend products I’ve used or know well and may receive a small commission if you purchase them too (at no additional cost to you).  Furthermore as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Sandbox Comparison Chart

Sandboxes For Toddlers

I have assorted these currently highly rated sandboxes from smallest to largest.  Next to each sandbox is a good description of the most important pros and cons.  In addition, most are great for an outside play yard or sensory play inside.

1. Purple Hippo Sandbox

Purple Hippo SandboxPros:  Comes in the color purple or green, easy to clean, sturdy, easy to move due to small size, currently available, and can be used as a sandbox or kiddie pool.

Cons:  Needs sand, small size, only one toddler can fit at a time in it, and no seats to sit on.

2. Step 2 Play and Store Sandbox

Step 2 Play and Store SandboxPros:  Durable, has a cover,  natural color, holds 200 pounds of sand,  four seats, and no assembly required.  Additionally it could easily be a two kids sandbox.

Cons:  Needs sand, little bugs can still get in,  and currently not easy to get due to popularity.

3. Little Tikes Blue Square Sandbox

Little Tikes Blue SandboxPros:  Durable, has a cover that latches into place, 2 seats for a two kids sandbox, holds up to 200 pounds of sand, currently available and great price.

Cons:  Needs sand and generally small in size.

4. Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox

Turtle SandboxPros:  Cute design, has two seats for a two kids sandbox, has a cover, and holds about 150 pounds of sand.  It should be noted that this turtle sandbox is generally the best size for toddlers.

Cons:  Extremely hard to find right now.  So I’m putting a link for an unbranded version below that has great reviews (But is slightly smaller at 40.74 by 35.2 by 10.79 inches)  The Little Tikes version is to the right.  You can click on it to see if that version is available.  Needs sand, small bugs can get inside, and generally small in size.

Best Sandboxes For Kids

These sandboxes are generally large enough for kids who are aged 3-10 and can hold multiple kids.  Most are probably suitable for toddlers as well.  The listings below are assorted smallest to largest in size.

1. Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox

Just a quick note on this sandbox.  It’s labeled as 47 inches across, but I think the sizing is off and it’s more like 2 or 2 1/2 feet across.  Therefore I put it at the top of the list because it’s generally for older than toddler age.  It’s meant for up to three kids to play on the outside of it instead of getting inside it.

Little Tikes Big Digger SandboxPros:  Great price, has fun accessories, lid doubles as a ramp, and has a neat cover.

Cons:  Needs sand, small size and holds about 100 pounds of sand.

2. Plum Square Sandbox

Square Sandbox For KidsPros:  Great size, durable, lasts for years, natural wood, has two ledges for several kids to sit.

Cons:  Needs sand, small bugs can get inside, cover doesn’t work that well (I’ve included a link below for a sturdier one.  I’ve searched all over and there really is not a perfect option out there) no base, and not that easy to assemble for some people.

3. Step 2 Crabbie Sandbox

Step 2 Crabbie SandboxPros:  Cute design, good cover, nice size, holds up to 300 pounds of sand, has two seats, about three kids can play at the same time and no assembly needed

Cons:  Needs sand, the seats may not hold that much weight, and small bugs can get inside it (Just as almost all sandboxes)

4. Costzon Kids Wooden Sandbox

Large Square SandboxPros:  Nice large size is good for several kids, nice storage bench seats, natural looking, sturdy enough to hold up to 200 pounds per seat.

Cons:  Needs a lot of sand, has no bottom (might be a pro for some), and has no cover.

Best Sandboxes For Indoor Play

Most of these sandboxes are so small that they can be placed on top of a table.  Make it easy and place these sandboxes on top of a small tarp or easy to clean floor.

1. Theefun Play Sand Kit

Dinosaur Play Sand KitPros:  Comes with three colors of sand, nice small size, includes 42 fun pieces to play with including dinosaurs, keeps little ones entertained for a long time indoors and great price for what you get.

Cons:  Might need more sand (I have provided links of some colored sand below as well) and may have to clean up after your kids several times because they might play with this over and over again.

2. Kinetic Sand Beach Day Sand Kit

Kinetic SandPros:  Comes with regular colored sand and tools to build a sandcastle, sand leaves no mess behind like regular beach sand and currently has a low price.

Cons:  Might need more toys and sand.  Your kids will probably ask you to get this out a lot.

3. FYZ Brothers Sand Kit

Large indoor sand kitPros:  Comes with regular colored sand, has 54 colorful molds, uses non toxic sand, and has a nice container to hold everything.

Cons:  Might need more sand and play area might be a little small to use all of the molds.

4. Tractor Sand Play Kit

Tractor Sand Play KitPros:  Has a nice sturdy container to play in.  Includes a 4 mold set, road roller, dump truck, excavator, bulldozer and lots of other fun accessories.  Sand is easy to use and doesn’t need water.  Includes 2 pounds of safe and non-toxic sand.

Cons:  Doesn’t have a cover

5. CoolSand 3D Circus Sandbox

Circus SandboxPros:  Unique design,  has 3D sand molds, sand does not dry out, comes with 2 pounds of natural looking non-toxic sand, and can be used to put on a play circus show.  Sand can be used to build, re-shape, 
and take apart over and over again.  Coolsand is overall less messy than traditional sand.

Cons:  Not enough sand and it’s not easy to replace parts.

Sandboxes For Adults

These small sandboxes are perfect for a desktop.  For some people they are great tools to reduce stress and anxiety.

1. Executive Sandbox

Beach Desktop SandboxPros:  Great size for a desktop sandbox.  Comes with a hardwood sandbox, pearl white sand, and a lot of fun mini beach accessories.  Works to calm the nerves and relax like a Zen garden does.

Cons: Small in size (8 by 10 inches, which might be a pro too) and might be addicting according to some people.

2. My Little Sandbox

Adult sandbox play setPros:  Cute and adorable with a wooden pink sandbox and a lot of accessories as seen in the picture to the right.  Young kids might want to play with this too.  Might be soothing on a rainy day.

Cons:  Does not have a container to fit in for storage, and can make a mess if a child gets to it.

3. Round Coral Sandbox

Round Desktop SandboxPros:  Includes a lot of sea animals to play with and rearrange.  Includes blue sand, decorations and a rake.  Great for relaxing and meditating.  Might be a great gift for a teen.

Cons:  Not much sand included and sand is loose and does not hold shape.

4. Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden Sandbox

Deluxe Zen GardenPros:  Looks great on a desk and is made with beautiful rosewood. Includes a rake, bamboo rake, broom, two ceramic cranes, and assorted polished stones.  Includes a 64 page meditation booklet with helpful instructions.

Cons:  No cover, some of the accessories might have quality issues, but I would suggest returning it if there are any issues with the free returns (at least currently they are on the links provided on this page)

5. Iconic Home Deluxe Wooden Zen Sand Garden

Sand Zen GardenPros:  Comes with sand and a lot of two types of stone.  Great for releasing stress and being more mindful.  Includes extra sand.  This sandbox is a great size for on an office desk.  It also makes a great gift idea.

Cons:  This sandbox does not have a cover.  The sand may not stay contained that well due to the sides not being very tall.

Target Sand Toys In 2020

Below I have listed the latest and greatest sandbox toys for 2020.  All are currently highly rated and are priced either at a great deal or very good price.

1. Zohumi Construction Toy Set

This set is very small in size, but includes a lot of great die cast metal sand toy pieces.

2. Set of 4 Cartoon Colored Play Vehicles

Cute set that is good for the age of 18 months and up.

3. Joyin 24 Piece Sand Toy Set

So many pieces to keep little ones busy for hours in their sand box.

4. FoxPrint Beach Sand Toy Set

Great for traveling because it includes a neat reusable bag.

5. Prextex 19 Piece Beach Toys

I like this beach sand toy set because the pieces have more detail on them.

6. Melissa and Doug Seaside Sidekicks Funnel Fun

Fun for kids to watch the sand go through each compartment.

7. 23 Piece Kids Beach Toy Set

It has a butterfly!  Do I need to say anymore? LOL

8. Biulotter 20 Piece Kids Beach Sand Toys Set

I love the pastel colors in this set.  It makes it a little bit different.

Toys With Sandboxes

1. Barbie Skipper Slide and Sandbox

Barbie SandboxPros:  Cute little playset comes with slide, sandbox, toddler doll and a few other accessories.  Great to use for playing pretend babysitting.  Goes along with the Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. playsets.

Cons:  Small pieces are not good to have around babies and toddlers.  Boys hair is molded instead of looking like real hair.

2. Calico Critters Baby Pool and Sandbox

Calico Critters SandboxPros:  So cute and adorable! (The photo just shows the pool.  The sandbox is so cute and is on the other side of the swimming pool)  Includes a bench, sand castle, bucket, shovel, beach ball and watering can.  Recommended for ages 3-15 years.

Cons:  Has small pieces and doesn’t come with any of the Critters.