19 Best Swings In 2020

Updated July 18, 2020 by Jessica Mark

I looked for the best reviewed and fun inspiring swings for play sets and trees in 2020.  Furthermore, I’ve created the table below to get to specific types of swings quickly.

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Best Swings For Babies and Toddlers

All the products below are highly rated.  There are some combo sets with some baby or toddler swings in the Swings For Swing Sets list.

1. Little Tikes 2 In 1 Snug 'N Secure Grow With Me Swing

Little Tikes Baby SwingThis baby swing is very popular.  Additionally it features an easy-in t-bar seat belt system, and later as baby grows up the t-bar can be taken out of the seat.  It should be noted that the maximum weight limit is 50 pounds and the recommended age is 9 months to 4 years old.  On a side note this seat is made for outside, but does not come with anchors.  Most importantly please be careful with the seat adjustments because if you’re not careful baby could end up sideways.  Lastly, it also comes in pink (see below).

2. Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing Seat

Step2 Infant Toddler Swing SeatThis swing fits most backyard swing sets. Secondly it is weather resistant and can be cleaned easily.  Third, assembly is easy and the restraint system should keep a baby as young as 9 months secure.  Additionally this system holds a weight up to 50 pounds and is recommended to age 3.  Lastly you might need to get some chain and two hooks if you want to hang it from the porch.

3. Eastern Jungle Gym Toddler Bucket Swing Seat

Toddler Bucket Swing SeatWhen this bucket seat arrives it is fully assembled and ready to place on a swing set.  Secondly, the seat features a high back for additional support and is great for older toddlers, but I would not recommend for babies.  I know I tried swinging my one year old in one of these right when she turned one and I had to put a lot of blankets around her for support.  Lastly, the swing chains are about 66 inches long.

4. Squirrel Bucket Toddler Swing Seat

Pink Toddler Bucket Swing SeatLove the pink color on this toddler bucket seat.  This seat features a high back for additional support and is great for older toddlers, but I would not recommend for babies (see note on the green one above).  Additionally, the swing chains are about 60 inches long.  Also, it is ready to be added to a swing set, jungle gym or other outdoor playset.  Lastly, the maximum weight it holds is 150 pounds.

5. Costzon Kids Classic Hanging Toddler Swing

swingThe best feature on this toddler swing is the design; It’s unique and creative.  Although it says for ages 6 months to 3 years I would strongly advise not to use it for under a year because it’s generally too big.  It should be noted that it has an adjustable rope length from 51 to 67 inches.  A lot of people are using it indoors by attaching it to the ceiling.  Lastly, this seat also takes a longer time to clean then the plastic or rubber ones.

6. Sesame Street Dozer Toddler Swing

Sesame Street SwingThis swing looks like so much fun!  It can hold up to 50 pounds and is recommended for ages 9 months to 3 years.  I would definitely make sure you are nearby when swinging your little ones in this Elmo swing.  The ropes are 42 inches long and it comes with metal hooks for assembly.

Best Swings For Swing Sets

All the products below are highly rated.  Some of the swings under Tree Swings are also good for swing sets.  There are several really interesting ones there.

1. Jungle Gym Kingdom 2 Pack Swing Seats

Two SwingsSnap hooks are included.  They are available in green or blue seats.  They are 66 inches long and can hold 300 pounds of weight.

Single Seat:

Two Blue Seats:

2. Squirrel Combo Bucket and Heavy Duty Swings

Red Baby Swing and Regular SwingThey come in three colors: blue, red, or green.  The bucket swing is great for babies starting at age 6 months and is good all the way to age 4.  The regular swing on the right is great for ages 4 and up.  They are 60 inches long and include instructions on how to install them to an existing playset or jungle gym.

Red Version:

Green Version:

3. Jungle Gym Kingdom Trapeze Swing Bar Rings

Trapeze Bar and HandlesThese look like a lot of fun, and could add some good variety to your swing set if you only have regular swings.  When it arrives it is all good to go to attach to your swing set or jungle gym.  It can hold up to 300 pounds.  The chains are 43 inches long.

4. Squirrel Plastic Swing Seat

Green SwingThis seat is plastic and also comes in blue or red (see below).  It can be hung on a tree, swing set, playground or porch.  The weight capacity is 120 pounds.

5. Eastern Jungle Gym Horse Glider Swing

Glider SwingThese are so much fun for young kids.  It’s similar to a teeter-totter.  The swing seat is about 34 by 16 by 42 inches and has chains that are about 66 inches long.  It can attach to most swing beams up to 9 feet tall.

Swings For Trees

All the tree swings below are currently highly rated.  There are fun unusual tree swings and traditional wood tree swings.  A tree swing is great because it brings some great summer fun at not so high of a cost as a swing set.  

1. Wonder View Tree Swing

Large Round Tree SwingThis tree swing is super colorful and super large.  It can hold up to 600 pounds of weight and is 40 inches across.  Includes a hanging kit to install on a tree, pergola, jungle gym, playground or tree house.  More than one kid can swing on it at a time.

2. Pacearth Pink Swing Seat

Pink Tree SwingThis fun pink swing can be used on a swing set or hung from a tree with its tree hanging straps that are included.  Assembly is nice and easy.  The weight limit is 300 pounds.  Chains are coated to prevent corrosion.  

3. Image Spider Web Tree Swing

Spider Web Tree SwingThis tree swing is fun because you can see through the bottom when you are swinging.  The circle part is 40 inches across which allows more than one kid to sit on the swing at a time.  Easy installation with a screw and wrench provided.

4. Happy Pie Play and Adventure Wood Nostalgic Tree Swing

Wood Tree SwingBack to the old days, except this basic wooden seat looks a little nice with the rounded edges.  It holds weight up to 200 pounds.  The length can be from 46 to 70.8 inches, although the height of the play set or tree should not be less than 59 inches.  The seat part is 17.32 inches across.  You can paint it with other designs if preferred.

5. RedSwing Tree Climbing Rope With Disc Swing

Rope Climbing SwingThis climbing rope swing also is available in red or blue.  It can hold up to 330 pounds, and it is 6.5 feet long and attaches to a tree or play structure.  It should be noted that is recommended for age 3 and up. Lastly it cannot be shortened, so measure before purchasing if trying to use it for a play structure.

6. Sorbus Saucer Swing Surf

Surf SwingOkay now this looks crazy!  It actually fits 2-3 kids at once and can hold up to 330 pounds.  Additionally it can be placed on a tree, swing set or house beam.  Lastly, the adjustable suspension rope goes up to 63 inches.  

7. Y Stop Hammock Swing

Hammock SwingThis looks relaxing!  I want one now… lol.  This works great hanging from just about any tree or on a porch (from a beam).  Includes two pillows, hanging rope, hook, and a hanging bag.  It’s large enough to take a snooze in it.  It also comes in grey, beige, and black.

8. Sk8Swing Skateboard Tree Swing

Skateboard SwingWhy not skateboard in the air continuously?  It’s actually really great for building core muscles.  The weight limit is 250 pounds.  Comes with everything needed to hang it for up to 13 feet.  Recommended age is 2 and up.  Yes it can go on a swing set too!