23 Best Sandbox and Water Toys In 2020

Updated June 4, 2020 by Jessica Mark
Just like kids love to splash in the swimming pool or splash water in the bathtub they really love splashing  in water tables.  A fun water table is a great way for your little ones to stay cool this summer.  I have created a master list of all the latest and greatest water tables with currently great reviews.  I have listed them in least expensive to most expensive based only on current prices (keep in mind that pricing is fluctuating a lot due to summer coming up so they may not be in order anymore).  There are so many super fun water tables!  The recommended age for most are toddlers and young children.

Disclaimer:  This blog contains affiliate links, meaning I recommend products I’ve used or know well and may receive a small commission if you purchase them too (at no additional cost to you).  Furthermore as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Best Sandboxes For Toddlers

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1. Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox

Little Tikes sandboxThis cute and adorable turtle sandbox seems to be the most popular by far.  So popular that right now you are kinda lucky to get one because they are in demand.  This turtle sandbox with cover has two seats molded into the outside rim of the sandbox.  It is a decent size because it holds about 150 pounds of sand.  I’ve heard of people also using this as a small plastic kiddie pool.


  • Creative design
  • Protective Cover
  • Currently highly rated with many reviews on our links
  • Two seats


  • Strong wind can blow the cover off
  • Too small for older kids
  • Does not repel some ant types

Turtle SandboxI thought I would add this listing for the turtle sandbox as well below even though it’s not from Little Tikes.  It’s reviews are great and it currently costs a little less.  The recommended age for this sandbox is 1-6 years of age.  It can hold 150 pounds of sand as well as the above version.

2. Toddler Crab Sandbox

Crab SandboxSo cute!  I love this one too.  My husband likes it more, lol!  It holds more sand then the turtle sandbox and is currently around the same price.  It holds a whole 300 pounds!  The two claws double as two seats to sit on.  It also has a nice lid for protection.  All I can say is I’m getting this soon.


  • Creative design
  • Protective Cover
  • Currently highly rated with many reviews on our links
  • Two seats
  • Has tiny vents to prevent it from getting moldy
  • Great for middle age kids, not just toddlers


  • If you have a lot of toads in your area it’s possible that they might get inside
  • Cover might come off in strong wind

3. Little Tikes Picket Fence Sandbox

Little Tikes Square SandboxAlthough this sandbox is a little bit smaller it’s still a great size for toddlers and it’s not as expensive as the ones above right now.  It can hold 200 pounds of sand and has built in seating for 2 kids.  The cover actually latches on and is a little more sturdy than most sandbox covers.


  • Great size for a small backyard
  • Cover latches good
  •  Water resistant
  • Has 2 built in seats


  • Few reviews even though they are currently 100%

4. Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox

Little Tikes Dump Truck SandboxThis looks like a really fun sandbox.  It has a built in excavator and it comes with a lot of other great accessories such as a dump truck, rake, shovel, and sand sifter.  This sandbox is a little bit smaller in size at 28.5 by 51 by 25 inches and can hold 100 pounds of sand.  The over doubles as a ramp for the dump truck when flipped over.


  • Currently highly rated
  • Sandbox with toys
  • Easier to move than traditional sandboxes
  • Has a cover


  • Have to sit on the outside of it (might not be a con for some)

5. Step 2 Play and Store Sandbox

Step 2 SandboxCurrently this Step 2 sandbox is hard to find, but it highly rated with over 1,000 reviews.  It’s sized for a toddler and holds 200 pounds of sand.  There are four molded seats for sitting while playing.  It’s a great size for two toddlers to play in it.  The lid is fairly strong and can withstand a little more wind than the other sandboxes.


  • 4 seats
  • Crazy good reviews
  • Strong cover
  • Neutral color (might be con for some)
  • Longlasting


  • Like with most sandboxes it’s possible that little bugs still get inside

Best Sand Tables

6. Step2 Crabbie Sand Table

Step 2 Crabbie Sand TableThis sand table is super cute and currently comes at a great price.  It comes with a few shovels and cups, and it has a shell to keep the sand clean and dry.  It is currently highly reviewed and has free shipping.  This sand table can hold up to 25 pounds of sand.  It works great for 1-2 toddlers to play.  The dimensions are 22 by 24 by 24.25 inches.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Can put sand or water in it
  • Cute design
  • Great reviews
  • Lightweight so it can be moved around to different locations


  • Can take a little effort to assemble due to there not being holes for the screws to go into.  You have to puncture them yourself.  I have run into this a lot with other large plastic toys.  It’s not too much of an issue, but does take a little strength to do it.
  • Not very tall

7. Step 2 Naturally Playful Sand Table

Step 2 Sand TableThis one is a little hard to find, but it’s a great size at 16.375 by 36 by 26 inches.  This sand table includes 2 shovels, 2 rakes and a bucket.  There are molding in the cover that can be used for a race track.  The cover comes with extra tie downs to keep the cover on when there’s wind.


  • Double the fun when the lid is used as a racetrack
  • Comes with a few accessories
  • Currently great reviews
  • Can work great as a water table or a sensory table for toddlers


  • Can take a little effort to assemble and a little extra strength
  • If the lid is not put on just right the rain might get in

Best Sand and Water Tables

8. Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon Sand and Water Table

Little Tikes Sand and Water TableThis sand and water table is so much fun because it does so many things and keeps your little ones entertained for a while.  They can put characters in floaties or have them race down the double water slides.  There is a shovel-rake combo, cup, and 2 characters with inner tubes.  This table also comes with a cover. It holds 50 pounds of sand.


  • Unique creative colors
  • Multiple ways to play including slides, diving boards and sand spinner.
  • Comes with a few accessories
  • Currently great reviews
  • Has a drain plug for the water


  • Sand and water can mix when toddlers play with it

9. Step 2 Fiesta Cruise Sand and Water Table

Step 2 Sand and Water TableThis sand and water table is great because it has an unique fun design with a tall water slide and  cute umbrella.  Comes with accessories including 4 little people and a boat.  It’s a nice size for little ones to have hours of fun, but is small enough to have inside or outside play.  It holds up to 40 pounds of sand. 


  • Multiple ways of fun including a few slides
  • Extra accessories
  • Cover for the sand
  • Provides hours of entertainment


  • Sand and water can mix when toddlers play with it
  • Takes a lot of strength to assemble.  There are no holes for the screws so it takes either a drill bit or a lot of strength to puncture holes

10. Step 2 Playtime Sand and Water Playhouse

Sand and Water PlayhouseHands down this is my favorite and most recommended sand and water toy.  It is a nice large size and has sun protection.  Not only is there a sand and water play area, but there is a grill area and a “high table.”  This would be great for multiple toddlers to play with and encourages interactive play.


  • Multiple ways to play
  • Protection from the sun
  • Fun layout
  • 16 accessories included
  •  Nice large size of about 47.5 by 47.5 by 60 inches
  •  3 year warranty (double check when purchasing)


  • Sand and water side has drains, but sink does not have a drain
  • Takes some time to assemble and takes some strength to puncture holes for the screws.
  • Might want to take the umbrella off if there is a good amount of wind
  • Just the sand part has a cover
  • No play food included

11. Step 2 Splash N Scoop Sand and Water Table

Step2 Sand and Water TableFun water tower can be moved for different ways of playing.  Water can be poured at the top for a waterfall effect of water coming out the sides of the water tower.  The water side or the sand side can be covered which is helpful in keeping the sand and water from mixing together, although that still happens.


  • Extra accessories
  • Currently highly rated
  • Has a place to add an umbrella
  • Easy to move around
  • Great for indoor or outdoor play


  • Water tower may not be very sturdy and fall over during play
  • Cover only covers one side

12. Sand and Water Adjustable Activity Play Tables

Sensory adjustable sand and water tablesThese tables look like they keep everything neat and tidy and can be used in multiple ways including sand and water.  This set comes with two small tables that are like containers with lids.  A four set is also available for ordering.  Each table has it’s own lid.  These tables can also be filled with many other sensory play such as playdough, dried beans, slime, and more.  This sounds great for keeping little ones not bored.  I might have to get these.


  • Adjustable in height to 20, 22.5 or 26 inches
  • Keeps things neat and tidy
  • Easy to clean
  • Recommended age of 3 or older (It’s hard to find sand and water tables for older kids)
  • Great for inside or outside


  • Lids may come off easily
  • May be a little small compared to other sand and water tables

13. Step 2 Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table

Step 2 Cascading Cove Sand and Water TableFeatures fun molded in canals for boats to float through and a bridge for cars to cross.  A few toddlers can play at the same time in this nicely size sand and water table with dimensions of about 24 by 42.5 by 23 inches.  It includes 2 boats, 2 bridge pieces, rake and shovel combo and cup.  It comes in either this color or an all blue color.


  • Both sides can be used for water for more water play
  • Large enough for three kids to play
  • Umbrella and cover included
  • Accessories included
  • Fun multiple ways to play
  • Currently highly rated


  • Water side might leak where the drain is
  • May take some strength to assemble

Best Water Tables

14. Step 2 Rain Showers Water Table

Step 2 Showers Water TableThis is one of the most popular water tables and I plan on getting one soon because I’m convinced my 20 month old would love this.  Mostly because of the eye catching waterfall effect of the water falling through the holes on the top portion of it.  My toddler loves splashing in the water and this adorable water table comes with 13 accessories  including a large bucket, 2 cups, rubber duck, 1 frog water squirter, 1 fish water squirter, strainer, flipper, 2 spinning pieces, and 3 maze pieces.  Wow that’s a lot!  Below are two different colored versions of this water table. The pretty lavender colored one comes with different accessories including 3 unicorns.


  • Will keep little ones busy for hours
  • Pieces can be moved around to create different ways the water falls
  • Drain plug for easy water removal
  • Sounds like a waterfall



  • Kids must scoop the water into the top portion to create the waterfall effect
  • No cover included

15. Step 2 Duck Dive Water Table

Step 2 Duck Dive Water TableThis is a nice small round water table for toddlers.  It features a fan in the center that creates a whirlpool when moved manually.  Water tower has a wheel that spins when water is poured into the top.  Has a spring flipper to flip toys into the water. Comes with 2 rubber ducks and 1 frog water squirter.  It holds up to 4 gallons of water.


  • Easy assembly
  • Currently highly rated
  • Small enough to move around
  • Doesn’t make too much of a mess if a little water is in it
  • Generally is hours of fun for toddlers


  • Whirlpool effect has to be done by manually moving the water spinner in the center of the table
  • Older toddlers might be able to pull some of the accessories off

16. Little Tikes Waterpark Water Table

Little Tikes Waterpark Water TableThis unique water table is so much fun because you get to drop balls down the center and watch them go spiral down into the water.  Not only that you get to turn the Ferris wheel to scoop up and drop off balls.  This water table includes a water cup and 5 round characters that are like balls. These characters also squirt water.  This is very highly rated.  I would suggest this one.  My 20 month old loves to play with balls.


  • Many different ways to practice motor skills while having a lot of fun
  •  Quick to assemble
  •  Very sturdy
  • Creative fun


  • Not easy to clean

Best Other Water Toys

17. Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat

Sprinkle and Splash MatThis sprinkle and splash water mat is a great large size of 68 inches across.  Many kids can play at once and its currently a great price for a lot of fun.  It’s durable, non-toxic, and great for many ages.  Currently there are over 1,000 reviews on the link below.  Also below is a cute princess version of something similar.


  • Easy to use
  • Great for kids and dogs
  • Works great with floatie toys such as boats and balls
  • Great price
  • Can adjust the water pressure so that it only sprays out at a low height


  • For some water might leak where the hose attaches
  • Holes tend to spray in different directions

18. 6 Pack Water Blasters

water blastersThese work great for multiple kids to have fun at a great low price.  Even teens have fun with these.  Recommended age is 6+.  Overall dimensions are 2 by 2 by 12.7 inches.  The only other thing you need is a bucket of water.  I know from hands on experience that these can create a long time of fun for older kids.  On the link below these are currently highly rated with over 300 reviews.

19. Shark Sprinkler

Shark SprinklerShark items are so popular now most likely to the baby shark craze for toddlers and young kids.  This shark sprinkler is lots of fun and is a nice large size of about 94.5 by 27.5 by 71 inches.  You can double the fun by adding a regular plastic slide under it.

20. Step 2 Waterfall Discovery Wall

Watch out for this!  It is out of stock, but available June 6, 2020 as of today June 3, 2020.  This water toy is really neat because it’s creative and one of a kind.  Water is poured at the top and then falls down over the plastic parts.  The plastic parts can be moved around to change the direction of the water flow.  Currently it has a lot of great reviews.

21. 2 Pack Long Range Water Guns For Kids and Adults

High capacity water gunsMost water guns I have noticed are not rated very high, but these are currently about 4.5/5 stars even though they only have about 25 reviews total.  So maybe worth a try?  They can shoot water out to about 38 feet!  The recommended age is 3 and up.  They are known to leak less water due to a reinforced leak proof seam.  They can spray ice cold water also, which is great for the summer.

22. Biulotter Three Nozzle Water Gun

Super soaker water gunThis fun water gun is highly rated with currently over 50 reviews.  It’s great because it can really super soak someone with water spraying out of three nozzles at once.  The only drawback is needing to add water into it quicker than with one nozzle.  It’s large size can hold about the size of 2 water bottles and it still shoots out at a range of up to 32 feet.

23. Sea Lion Sprinkler

This inflatable seal sprinkler is so much fun for little ones. It is a nice large size of 67 by 39 by 65 inches.  The inflatable ball will take off when the water is turned on.  Who can catch the ball first?  It also can work to put next to a kiddie pool to fill the pool with water.